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Underfloor Heating

We supply both types of Underfloor heating. For advice on the choosing the best system for you, please contact one of our technical sales team for help and advice. We can help you with the pros and cons of both types.

We are part of an established company called Floor Heating Systems Ltd, so we have lots of experience with under floor heating.

Underfloor Heating types

The main under floor heating systems use either electrical resistance cables or water flowing in pipes. Furthermore both types can be installed as the main heating or as background heating.
We also use electric heating cables for snow and ice melting for walkway and driveways.
A wide range of underfloor heating systems and designs are available to suit different types of flooring.
Above all our modern electric cables are designed for life and as such we now offer a lifetime warranty on all our cables. They are tested at various stages during manufacturing process, right up to distribution.


In addition when used with a well insulated building, floor heating is the most effective form of heating, giving benefits if comfort levels, air quality, dust levels, air circulation to name just a few.
We pride ourselves for offering free advice on the best type of system to suit your needs, even if you are in the first stage of deciding your heating requirements. With todays modern smart E Thermostats, there is a system to suit every need. Like being able to control the heating from your phone with the  neoStat and wireless hub.
Give our team a try either by phone 0800 881 8097 or Live Chat

WE ARE HERE TO HELP, please let us and it’s FREE