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Call Back

Do you need Underfloor heating information and help. We are here to help and so we can do this please see below.

On the whole we try to get back to you as soon as we get your request. However if you have a plan, you could fill out a contact us form. In addition you could ask for a call back. As a result we will have an idea of the sort of thing you would like to discus. At the same time you could then send us any plan.



Interestingly we find most people use our contact form because they like to be have the name of a person to deal with. In fact this helps as a project moves forward and significantly helps in the long run. Here at underfloor heating warehouse we specifically encourage this. Obviously all our sales team have access to the information and in particular, emails and drawings, so they call all help. In conclusion we want to make your experience rather enjoyable and so due to this we would like all feedback good or bad at any and all stages of your dealings with us.

Also, in addition is there anything we could have done differently in relation to helping you get in touch with us.

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