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Mirror Demister Installation instructions

Fitting the demister

Please follow the instructions for fitting the demister.

  1. First, mark out the back of the mirror to indicate where the pad is to be fitted.
  2. Then peel off the protective paper exposing the ‘sticky’ side.
  3. Position one edge of the demister pad in the desired position.
  4. Please keethe other edge away from the mirror.
  5. Gradually lower the pad onto the mirror while also applying even pressure.
  6. In particular you must ensure there are no air bubbles or creases.
  7. Mirrors without frames that are being fitted directly onto the wall will need follow step 8.
  8. Finally a recess will need to be made due to the depth of the connector.
Electrical Connections

All wiring must conform to the latest IEE wiring rules. 

If in doubt always consult a qualified electrician.

  1.  Generally the demister pad is connected to the lighting circuit or a separate switch.
  2. In addition the circuit should be protected by a fuse or circuit breaker.
  3. The wires are coloured as follows: BLUE – Neutral, anBROWNLive.
  4. The Demister pad must not be accessible once installed.
  5. Further more all metal parts must be earthed. In addition comply with current wiring regulations.
  6. Multiple pads may be fitted to a single mirror and should be connected in parallel. 
  7. In particular the pads must not overlap. 
  8. The demister pad must not be cut or pierced.

Additional information.

The demister can not be fitted to a dimer switch.