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Underfloor Heating Installation Accessories Kit

Knee Pads – Heavy Duty Knee pads are an Ideal Installation Accessories for use while fitting under floor heating. Fully waterproof for use in wet areas. Easy to fit due to being fully adjustable.

Knife – Retractable bladed knife with strong durable handle ideal for cutting Tile Backer Board and in addition Depron.

Tape Measure – 3m Long measure ideal for working out spacing either your cables or mats.

Fabric Tape – 50mm wide strong tape is one of the installation accessories you will use time after time installing of under floor heating.

Double sided Tape – 50mm wide double sided sticky tape ideal for holding cables in place while installing under floor heating.

Digital Multimeter –  ideal for testing Cables, mats and Carbon heating. Finally in addition the floor probe before fitting.

In conclusion a great kit for installers and finally they come with full instructions. In particular the mulitmeter.
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Digital Multimeter

Complete with testing probes only £4.48+vat is one of the invaluable installation accessories ideal for testing Cable Kits/Cable mats and also Carbon heating Film. It is simple to use and because we know the unit can offer help and support if you need it. Finally in addition it can be used to test the floor probe before fitting. The multi meter comes with instructions in order to do this.

Later this year will be back to the normal price £6.50 so in the mean time grab a bargin.

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Tile Backer Jointing Scrim Tape

50 mm wide self adhesive jointing tape ideal for taping the joints on any tile backer board, in addition it can be used on plasterboard.
50m Roll of Self Adhesive Glass Fibre Tape sticks rather well.
* 1 roll of tape will fix approx 20 boards (15m²)

Before using the tape please make sure the surface of the boards is dust free. In particular around the edges, sometimes priming the board can help with adhesion, especially in building site type conditions.
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Cable “END” Repair Kit

Cable end repair kit to repair the end completion of one of our Cable and Mat kits.
This pack specifically contains:

1 x Crimp Tube 4/1

1 x Crimp Tube 3/1

1 x Terminal 0.5/6

1 x Crimp P-1.25

Instructions and also images for ease of use.In addition we offer a Middle repair kit for further repairs of your system.

NB  END Repair kit is only for repairing the end of the cable and NOT joining the cable after being damaged or cut.
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Cable Middle Joining Kit

Our middle repair kit to repair a single cut in one of our Cable and Mat kits.
This pack specifically contains:

3 x Copper Extension Wire

6 x Crimp Tube 4/1

2 x Crimp Tube 8/2

4 x Terminal P-1.25

2 x Crimp C-1.25

Instructions and also images for ease of use. In addition we offer an end repair kit for further repairs of your system..

NB This Middle Joint kit is for repairing a cable that has been damaged or cut within it’s length and Joining it back together.
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Tile Backer Fixing Kit

Washers – Countersunk plastic washers are rather good for mechanically fixing tile backer boards. Since the flexible material moves with the contours of the board and also won’t get damaged by moisture.
100 x Washers and also 100 x 25 mm Screws per pack. The screws are as equally important and they are specifically designed not to get damaged by moisture. To this end they are offered as a kit. Finally they are of course are available in multiples.
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RCD Fused Spure

RCD Protected Fused Connection Unit (Fused Spure)
Here the power supply is fitted into the RCD prior to the thermostat. This offers protection of the circuit and therefore gives protection to the under floor heating.
It’s also very useful for Isolating the circuit while keeping the main power to the house on.
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Cable Monitor

Total piece of mind!
With the Cable Monitor connected it will alert you of any accidental damage to the cable while fitting the system. Perfect for the site installer while others are using the room.
The Cable Monitor has become the “must have item of installation accessories” for anyone installing electric under-tile heating. Simply connect the monitor to the cold cable of the under-tile heating element while installing and floor laying. If for any reason the cable is damaged, the monitor will sound an alarm and the cable can be repaired or replaced. In conclusion, a really good piece of equipment for fitting Under floor heating.

For further information please email us or of course give us a call.
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Glass-Mate Mirror Adhesive

A neutral cure silicone for interior mirror fixing. Has excellent adhesion on most mirror coatings and has outstanding resistance to heat and humidity. Furthermore it’s not affected by sunlight, ultra violet radiation and temperature extremes. This product will accommodate thermal expansion, furthermore is non-corrosive and odourless and also conforms to ISO11600-G-20LM.


Suitable for internal bonding of mirrors, coated glass, glazed surfaces, ceramics, enamel, metals, PVCu, polycarbonate and treated or untreated wood. It also works on most common substrates. In regard to its use it fits into a standard applicator

Finally please note: Not suitable for use in the manufacture of structural glazing and or for use with safety glass mirrors.
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