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Insulation electric underfloor heating

Customers like our board as it is made in the UK. In addition it has the British Standard:- BS874. Insulation electric

Handyheat insulation boards can be used for insulation with any underfloor heating system. Customers also use them for areas where waterproofing is needed. In Particular, wetrooms and bathrooms.  They can be fixed to walls and floors with a flexible tile adhesive. In addition they can also be screwed down with our screw and washer kit.

Our Handyheat insulation underfloor boards are a state of the art product. They reduce heat loss into sub floor. Thus are ideal for use with under tile heating systems. In addition they are liked by underfloor heating manufacturers. Buy Online :>

Handyheat boards are also called tile-backer boards. In particular they offer a waterproof and stable surface on which to lay tiles.

In addition the boards will improve the performance of electric underfloor heating. Even if you have other insulation below the concrete screed.

The boards are made from a waterproof extruded polystyrene. Each face of the board has a fibreglass mesh and a rigid cement polymer coating. Thus giving it superior qualities to some other boards on the market.

  • Insulation boards have class ‘O’ fire rating.
  • Tile Backer Insulation boards have great rigidity.
  • The boards bond to all tile adhesives.
  • They have a compression strength of 30 tonnes per m².
  • Insulation boards have high point loading resistance.
  • Ideal for wetrooms.
  • They are waterproof and stable (unlike plywood).
  • The board cuts well with a knife.
  • It has excellent insulation with U value of 0.027 W/mK.