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Wet Single Room

Since underfloor heating has become more popular, we offer a single room kit.

single room

The  Underfloor Heating Control Unit is the ideal way to heat a conservatory or alternatively, a room extension up to around 30m².

It is pre-wired and pre-assembled to help aid a fast and simple installation. In addition it can be plugged into a local electrical socket or fused spur.

It has internal ball valves to allow the system to be isolated from the main heating system. It also has adjustable blending valve. Finally, it comes with an anti-vibration fixing bracket which ensures silent operation.

Our connections are quick and easy to use and help for a fast connection to pipework.

The connection should be made to the central heating flow and returns distribution system. Alternatively connect it to the nearest radiator supply pipe. However please ask the professionals for advice on this.

When you connect to an existing radiator circuit, the pump will not operate independently. It will only be able to call for hot water when the radiator system is on.

Full instructions are provided with each unit.

It is suitable for use when:

  • The boiler has the capacity to take the extra output from 2KW to 3KW.
  • The maximum area to be heated is around 30 m².

The Control Unit is designed to be used with 16 mm pipe The amount of pipe needed is determined  by the size and shape of the room.