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Electric underfloor heating mats 200w kit

Starting as low as “5 m²”:- £209.06 or £177.56* (without thermostat)

In addition the 200 w/m² underfloor heating mat provides a highly economical floor heating. They are used to cover larger areas like conservatories and areas of high heat loss.
The cable is woven into a mesh and so with the cable mat already spaced out @200 w/m². The mesh on our cable mat is self adhesive, so no need for taping.
The mat is simply rolled out, pressed to the floor, then tiled over suitable for both timber & concrete sub-floors. More Information >

The 200w cable mat is most suited to areas of high heat loss, or where an area is needed to heat up quickly. Ideal for rooms that are not used on a daily basis. This extra power will allow the system to heat up quicker than the standard 150 w system.